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L T H Scaffolding - Commercial Scaffolding

Performing any type of construction work on a commercial property requires a lot of planning and consideration. For example, if you are on a main or busy road you will need to take into account that there will be a lot of people and vehicles passing by that run the risk of knocking into any scaffolding or support platforms. At L T H Scaffolding in Sunderland, we can provide expert scaffolding knowledge and erection services to help advise you on how best to complete your project and keep and labourers safe at the same time.

Cantilever Scaffolding in Sunderland

If your property is on a busy road and you need to perform some construction work, then you will want to minimise the amount of scaffold that is on the ground level so that there is less chance of someone of something hitting the scaffold.

In order to avoid any collisions, cantilever scaffolds use steel tubes fixed at the bottom of the building and then comes out at an angle to support the lower section of the scaffold. This means that there is very little scaffold on the ground level and there is a safe platform for the builders to work from.

Pavement Gantry in Sunderland

Pavement gantry scaffold is another scaffolding technique than can be used to aid any construction work that is taking place on or near a busy road. Pavement gantry scaffold is particularly useful if you are working in an area that has strict constraints and regulations set by the local council or government.

Pavement gantry scaffold is erected by creating several steel beam sections which help to spread the weight of the scaffold. The working platform can then be erected on the steel beam sections creating a raised work space that will not interfere with any pedestrians or traffic.

Independent Scaffolding in Sunderland

Usually used during any exterior repair or decorating projects, independent scaffolding is a highly common technique that is used regularly on any building type such as a warehouse or supermarket. Independent scaffolding can be erected outside your property, and will reach all areas of the building, meaning that the workers can reach every nook and cranny of your property.

Independent scaffolds tend to be made from more lightweight materials than other scaffolds. This means that an independent scaffold can be erected, dismantled and adjusted in a quick and easy manner. Regardless, it is still vital that a professional scaffolder erects any scaffold in your property as the scaffold must meet all government requirements.

Suspended Scaffolding in Sunderland

Another scaffolding technique that is highly useful for a commercial building on a busy road is suspended scaffolding. Suspended scaffolding is unique in that the platform is attached to the roof of the building rather than the bottom of it. As such, a suspended scaffold is most often used on buildings that are tall and are situated on main roads.

The platform is attached to the roof and can be easily lowered or raised using a pulley system made from ropes or wires. The ease in which the platform’s height can be raised or lowered as required.

Birdcage Scaffolding in Sunderland

Birdcage scaffolding is similar to independent scaffold in that is usually used on any indoor building or decoration projects. The scaffold is built indoors using more lightweight materials than regular scaffold. This allows the workers to reach every corner of the interior of your property.

For more information on the range of scaffolds that we can provide, or if you need some construction or repair work completing on your property in Sunderland then look no further than L T H Scaffolding. Give us a call today on 07880743263 or send us a message through our contact page.


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